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Weekly Tarot Reading (1st Feb – 7th Feb, 2016)

New Karmic Astro Tarot

Here is a reading for how your finances will be for this upcoming week as per your sun signs:

Aries:– Many new ideas are waiting to be germinated, so invest your thoughts to create something wonderful which will give you satisfying results.

Taurus:- The week looks bright, but there is a need to explore new dimensions and opportunities and broaden your horizon to succeed.

Gemini:– Finances will be good, avoid investing hastily. There are opportunities behind you, all you need to be do is be calm and patient to recognize them. Time to take financial decisions with a practical mind rather than being emotional. Taking decisions in emotions will be regretted later.

Cancer:– This week indicates stability and happiness. There are bright chances for gains from unexpected sources adding to your happiness.

Leo:– You have the understanding and intuition of what is right is for you & what isn’t. Move forward with your intuition to achieve success. Aligning with your intuition can get you huge gains. Chances of traveling indicates for work purpose.

Virgo:– Invest your time into learning and gaining knowledge about something related to your work. As this will help you to achieve your goals easily.

Libra:– Clear off any confusions as success is just the next step after clearing your confusions. You’re already humble and kind, this attitude will give you more strength to succeed.

Scorpio:– You are already on the succeeding track, but somewhere you’re feeling lonely and sad. Let go off this sadness as this can invite back stabbing from people around you.

Sagittarius:– Some old friend or association will come forward to lend you a helping hand which is completely unexpected. This will help you move forward and will make you feel the emotion of gratitude completely.

Capricorn:– For taking sound and wise decisions, time to keep your cool and calm as there are lot of decisions to be taken in this week. A balanced mind will help you overcome all obstacles and move forward.

Aquarius:– Celebration time. A job well done and completed, so it is time to rejoice the victory. Enjoy it completely. You will enjoy the fruits of your past hard work.

Pisces:– You may experience stress in this week as you will be forced to face your financial fears. Tarot advises you to let go off your anxiety and keep calm to find the path out of the issues you’re facing.

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