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Monthly Archives: February 2013

My Fertile Imagination

Thought for the Soul: My imagination is fertile for letting the seeds of imagination grow into fruitful plants of the future.


Does this sound real? Might be or not be. We are taught since childhood to be in the real practical life. You present an idea which is out of the box and the comments are – get real, be in the reality, stop being a dreamer. As children we taught survival in the world, told that we are the ordinary people who need to focus on our career and only career, as this is going to be the bread and butter of life. What about the hidden passion and creative imagination? You’re extra ordinary in your own ways; have different passionate ideas waiting to be executed. The seeds of creative imagination are already planted, allow them to germinate and grow into fruitful plants of tomorrow.


Imagination and ideas are useless if not executed. Face your fears, it’s ok. You’re safe. Decide for yourself what is your idea of growing and succeeding as a human. What might work for your parents and friends might not work for you. We are wired differently; hence we have different ideas & passions. It does not matter what you have done academically. Follow your inner instincts. For example, academically you’re a doctor but your calling is to be a painter, go for it. Satisfy your creative thirst. We have all read this wonderful author Robin Sharma. His books are so amazing and practical to follow. But his author inside was hidden. He gave up his law practice & today we have this opportunity to read this wonderful author & his books. Follow your dream.


Let your imagination grow & help you become what you want to be.


Happy Imagination!!!

When was the last time you did something for the first time

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

– ad line by Lufthsana airlines.

But this ad line is worth giving a thought. In this mediocre life today where we are busy attending and fulfilling only the basic needs, do we really think or give a thought to trying or doing something new in life which we have never done before. Absolutely not. Because if it is a hobby or anything which is simple pure fun, then the logical mind says don’t be under – productive. Do something to increase your productivity. Is being productive every minute of the day so important?

When was the last time you heard the chirping of the birds enjoying it or just took a walk by the sea side enjoying the cool breeze and watching the sunset? Or the simplest of all just got up from bed, looked in the mirror and enjoyed yourself – the Divine creation of the Universe which allows you to sense the above the things? We get up thinking what is on the work list today, if it’s a weekend then the personal work list follows. It is not bad to think about the jobs you need to today. But as we need a power nap. So do we need a power thought to lighten up the day, a power moment of pure bliss & reconnection to our Source of existence.

Now is the moment my friends to go back to the source. Now is the moment to stop worrying & start living. While in the mother’s womb we did not worry about how our body was growing or whether our mother was eating right. When we felt hungry inside, we sent a message & it was heard by our mothers. Similarly, now is the moment to send an intention to the Universe for all your needs to be met comfortably with ease & grace.

So, here’s wishing all the wonderful souls a HAAPPY POWER MOMENT OF THE DAY!!!

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