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I was one of the first few people to learn Systemic Healing System. I learnt it two months back and I the changes are exceptional. You can experience the session and feel the change immediately. The level and flow of energy was immense in the workshop and whenever I am doing the session, it is still so much energy.

I will recommend everyone for this course. It will change the way you feel inside and the way you feel healing energies.

Bijal Shah

I first read a case study on Family Constellations Therapy put by Anchal. That got me excited as I wanted to try and see, in short wanted to experiment. My problem was I was suffering from Asthma since I was two years old. Anchal did a session for that and the most wonderful thing about her is that she never overdo’s sessions.

Upon doing the session, I came to know about one of my uncle who was a murderer and he was not spoken about. When I went home and asked my father, he was shocked that this could be discovered in Family Constellations. But this was released as I was carrying his feelings of suppressing his emotions. This also provoked my father to go and see his own brother after 29 years. He discovered the truth that my uncle never did it actually.

But, definitely I was relieved after my first session. And it has been more than two months, but I haven’t got any more attacks when in rains I suffer the most.

Thanks Anchal for showing this new way of healing. Keep putting up case studies, I am sure people will relate and come for healing themselves!


Anushka J

The session on “Abundance Reiki” on 16thJanuary, 2016 was mesmerizing. The simple and vivid explanation on Law Of Abundance and Law Of Giving & Receiving – has helped me a lot to understand how I can improve the circulation of abundance in my life and in the life of others. I could now understand why my affirmations were incomplete & unanswered. The various activities during the session enabled us to feel the Abundance Energies within us. I am grateful to you for enlightening me on the positive feeling. With the meditation techniques learned in the therapy I will now be able to release the negative & limiting beliefs and energy blocks in me and bring complete balance in my life & realize my manifestations. Every time I am meeting someone – I am silently wishing them Happiness, Joy, Laughter, abundance & Love. I can see the smile on other persons face & experience the vibrations of circulating Joy and Happiness. I am grateful to you for teaching us to draw Abundance Energies and Self Healing exercise.

Deepak Goenka
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