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Weekly Tarot Reading (08th Feb – 14th Feb 2016)

New Karmic Astro Tarot

General Tarot Reading for the upcoming week as per your sun signs 08/02/2016 to 14/02/2016 :

Aries: – Direct all your efforts towards your work with complete honesty and righteousness. This will reward you in the long run and the Universe will gift you benefits in your favour.

Taurus: – Time to let go off the inner ego which is your hindrance to move ahead in life. This will also help you to see the solution to your problem. Let your inner wisdom be your guide on this journey.

Gemini: – You are in a giving phase where you’re ready to give away emotional support to other. But you need to maintain a balance in doing so as non-maintenance will lead you to go deeper in other’s problems and attracting emotional issues of others in your life.

Cancer: – A very productive week ahead and great for receiving financial assistance. Many ideas are processing internally in your mind and it is time to implement those ideas into action.

Leo: – The world is right now looking upside down to you and you’re unable to see any solutions to your problems. Time to meditate and let go off the constant thought flow. This will enable you to see the solution which is around you.

Virgo: – You might feel that finances this week are not stable and you may need to take help from people around you. It is okay to receive help but ensure that you’re not used or taken advantage off in the bargain.

Libra: – A great week to do some constructive work as the results will be visible in the coming weeks. If there are any conflicting thoughts, then let go off them and focus on your work.

Scorpio: – Celebration time. A job well done and completed, so it is time to rejoice the victory. Enjoy it completely. You will enjoy the fruits of your past hard work.

Sagittarius: – This time is asking you to be mentally strong and bring in a lot of determination which will help you to move forward in life. Your determination will also help to maintain your emotional stability.

Capricorn: – Be careful with your finances, avoid taking any rushed or hasty decisions. Ask the Universe to help you maintain your balance and grounding in financial matters.

Aquarius: – There is a whole lot of opportunities right in front of you. Let go off your confusion and let your inner wisdom guide you to pick the best one for you.

Pisces: – This week is showing emotional turmoil in your life, hence you need to meditate to be grounded and connected to Mother Earth. This will ease your inner turbulence of emotions.

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