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Body Syndromes – The Gateway to Healing

Body Syndromes – The Gateway to Healing

Our body constantly gives us signs and signals of what emotional trauma needs to be addressed. Body Syndromes as a concept is used widely in Hypnotherapy and Dr. John Kappas has considerably explained how the physical body’s aches, pain, pressure or tensions is nothing but the manifestation of emotional issues in our life which are waiting to be addressed. We are blessed with intelligent bodies which keep cluing us with the problems hidden within. In fact, we also use those statements in our day-to-day language which prompt the underlying issues. The need is to listen to your own statements, so that you can listen to your own body. A few examples of such statements which are nothing but clues are:

• I am always confused about what should I do to take charge of my life: In this statement, it is clearly indicating that there is underlying inability to take decisions. This confusion can be seen in the physical body in the form on-off headaches, watery eyes or feeling the muscles tightening at the back of the neck. The inability to take decisions in our lives affects the chest, head, back of the neck, gastric pressures in the chest area. Even migraine headaches are because of this reason.
• I feel the pressure in my stomach when I think about my sister: This is another example of showing that the problem is lying in the stomach area. Some kind of fear or sexual frustration, guilt about infidelity or feelings of sexual inadequacy need to be addressed. It isn’t necessary that it may be linked only to the present life only but can be a combination of the present & past life as well as family energetics.
• I am sick and tired of trying so hard and always not reaching the goal: This statement is showing the person’s inability to reach his/her potential and internally the emotions are some sort of fear of being successful. We are all blessed with unique abilities to succeed in life. But sometimes, when we are to complete a lesson and earn wisdom we create exactly opposite situations. In this example, what is needed is to fight back with confidence minus the fear.

These were just a few examples of how body syndromes help you to understand the problems you’re supposed to be addressing. In all cases, it is possible that one can have a combination of two or three body syndromes together like inability to take decisions because of the fears within. One needs to be patient enough to listen to the body’s wisdom. A trained therapist will look for these signs and symptoms that your body is representing. As a lay man, you can start noting your physical symptoms in a journal and then talking to your own body to listen about the corresponding emotions. Of course, this again will need a quite time and patience, but it is indeed worth the effort to bring a shift in your life.

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