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“Zenergy School of Life” is a holistic healing centre aiming at overall wellness of an individual. In today’s world, stress, tension and worries have become a part of our lives. It is a recurring pattern around the globe and it is the need of the hour to once again re-align ourselves with the cosmic energies of the Universe. In the last 15 years, more and more holistic healing methods are being channelled and the major reason for this is the energy shift our planet is going through. Past Life Regression, Clinical Hypnosis, Oracle Tarot, Angel healing, Crystal Healing are a few modalities which are recognised by masses and are indeed helpful.

Mind-body-soul connection is the ultimate truth of our existence and at Zenergy School of Life, we help you establish this connection. All our services and workshops are solely focused on bringing about changes in your life. We believe every human being has the potential of inviting abundance, joy and happiness in their lives and that it is their right to have them. Hence, the invitation is to everyone who is committed to bring a healthier change in their life.

Your entire level of energy in the body is decided by the kind of thoughts you think. If the thoughts are very fearful or anxiety producing, then the energy levels are also very sluggish. At Zenergy School of Life, we help you build a healthy mind with healthy thoughts.

We have an experience of working with hundreds of people from different background and cultures. Hence, it helps our clients to experience complete healing at all the levels of their existence.

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