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Monthly Archives: October 2012

The reality today!!!

Watched the latest movie – RUSH last night. Quite interesting with the urban TV channels manipulating things around just to get the dam TRP’s.  Liked the last dialogue spoken by Emraan Hashmi that today these people are serving us or rather feeding us news about murders, deaths, suicides, rapes, molestation, etc. because somewhere there is a high demand for it. And so true. Indeed, this kind of news send shock waves all over our bodies, the spine is shivering, but still we are watching. The more tacky & catchy the promos are, the more is the viewership. Much of the news is either just hyped or just created. One part of us is busy in re-aligning with the change of energies on our planet & the other part of us enjoys this kind of news. Do we really know where are we heading?


Any newspaper today does not carry any knowledge quotient. Rather there is only bloodshed all over it. Is it really a good idea to start your day reading these creepy things? Agreed this is happening around us. But isn’t this also true, that somewhere we need to be more loving towards ourselves as well as others to help ourselves becoming better beings of light. Yes, it’s correct that we need to be aware of the current affairs. But somewhere, somehow this kind of news also disturbs the mental and psychic centres of our body. It draws us more towards fears rather than liberation. It’s now time for sensitive journalism. There was a time when our parents told us to read newspapers to increase our IQ & general knowledge. And today is the age where reading newspapers can only help all of us increase knowledge on murder strategies, molestation ways & so on. The more we think about anything it comes true – Law of Attraction. So, let us start thinking and watching only good things which make us healthier from within. It’s time to boycott these news which are creating more of the negative energy around us.


Let us buy only what is healthy. Positive state of mind & actions around us is the need of the hour.


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