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Belongingness through the eyes of Spiritual Laws

Belongingness through the eyes of Spiritual Laws

At some point in life, we want to feel the feeling of belongingness. Even if it is an orphan, he/she too wants to feel this feeling. The different stages of our growth, i.e., right from the time we are born, we want to think that we belong to our parents, our caretakers. Then, as we grow up, our social circle grows too. And now we want to feel this feeling from society, from the people around us, from our extended family members. This is when we understand and assume that the sense of belongingness is of great importance.

It is one of the Natural Laws of the Family System that each one of us belongs to our system. No matter, what we have done, we still belong to our system. Today, I am talking about belongingness from the perspective of spiritual laws. When a child is born, he automatically belongs to the system whether the biological parents are giving up this baby for adoption. Belongingness to the system is something automatic and not dependent on the living members of the system. It is this belongingness to the system that provides support to the descendants. When the children born in the system are not acknowledged and accepted, it does bring about an interruption in the flow of love within the system.

When there is a feeling of belongingness healthily, then things flow fine in our lives. But when this belongingness is flowing in an unhealthy way, for example, if the child feels that to belong to the system, he needs to sacrifice his happiness or his free will to create new experiences in life; then this belongingness turns into chains of bondage. True belongingness is a freedom one experiences at all levels. Being within the system, feeling that you are a part of the system; but at the same time, you’re blessed with the freedom to make your own choices. There is guilt when you create new experiences for yourself.

Today, to be a part of the society, to feel that belongingness to our families, we often make choices out of force and not out of the heart. For example, in some families, the parents and other members ask too many questions about your emotions, or there is not enough mental space given to think out of the box. Another example can be the unsaid expectation of carrying on the same family business as the ascendants. Even though in this case may be the new generation wants to try their hands on something new, some inner calling they would like to pursue. But they cannot express it as the family tradition disbars you from feeling any of it.

In terms of spiritual belongingness, we give each other a safe place to heal their emotions at their own pace. If there is something out of alignment, there are no judgments; instead, there is more oneness and encouragement to bring in that alignment. True Belongingness is freedom from any expectations said or unsaid; instead there is a sense of responsibility towards each other’s growth in all the facets of life. My urge to people reading this article is to see the bigger picture of belongingness. It is time to let go off that conscience created out fear and the need that if certain things aren’t followed, then the sense of belongingness is dismissed. Let the sun of freedom rise along with the moon of responsibility. We need to become empowered enough to understand the true essence of freedom and responsibility, as to how they walk hand in hand.

Song of Life

Have you ever noticed certain vibrations putting you into a trance like state? Or perhaps, some music notes making you feel completely relaxed. Each of us resonates to some or the other vibration and then suddenly there is light inside your heart.  This is where we feel at home. Before we were even conceived by our mother, there was a specific vibration on which our soul was vibrating. It is the same vibration one feels in that music at the soul level. Identifying this vibration can bring about transformational changes in your mind, body and spirit. It will uncover a lot of things you planned to do before taking birth. This vibration will re-unite and re-direct you to your soul purpose.

I once read an article on an African tribe where women who wish to conceive meditate under a tree for a couple of days until they get the song of that soul whom they will be birthing. Once she receives that song, she recites the same to the man who will be fathering the child and while making physical relations they recite that song. They consider this ritual to be a welcome for the soul to be conceived. This same song is given by the mother to the ladies going to be helping her deliver the child and these ladies sing it during delivery. This makes the delivery very easy and the child feels welcomed and happy. Even once the child grows and falls ill, the same song is used to revitalise his core energy. It is also believed that once this child grows up and commits any crime or does any wrong doing, instead of punishing him/her, people form a circle around him and sing the same song. This makes the person realize his mistake and brings in a huge transformation. Even on his last journey in the current lifetime the same song is sung for his easy cross-over.

I feel this is definitely true as certain vibrations do bring in a huge transformation in our thoughts instantly. All we need to do right now is – identify our vibration, identify the song of our soul, our life. You need to turn inwards for this beautiful re-union with your soul and its purpose.

Happy Discovery!!!

When was the last time you did something for the first time

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

– ad line by Lufthsana airlines.

But this ad line is worth giving a thought. In this mediocre life today where we are busy attending and fulfilling only the basic needs, do we really think or give a thought to trying or doing something new in life which we have never done before. Absolutely not. Because if it is a hobby or anything which is simple pure fun, then the logical mind says don’t be under – productive. Do something to increase your productivity. Is being productive every minute of the day so important?

When was the last time you heard the chirping of the birds enjoying it or just took a walk by the sea side enjoying the cool breeze and watching the sunset? Or the simplest of all just got up from bed, looked in the mirror and enjoyed yourself – the Divine creation of the Universe which allows you to sense the above the things? We get up thinking what is on the work list today, if it’s a weekend then the personal work list follows. It is not bad to think about the jobs you need to today. But as we need a power nap. So do we need a power thought to lighten up the day, a power moment of pure bliss & reconnection to our Source of existence.

Now is the moment my friends to go back to the source. Now is the moment to stop worrying & start living. While in the mother’s womb we did not worry about how our body was growing or whether our mother was eating right. When we felt hungry inside, we sent a message & it was heard by our mothers. Similarly, now is the moment to send an intention to the Universe for all your needs to be met comfortably with ease & grace.

So, here’s wishing all the wonderful souls a HAAPPY POWER MOMENT OF THE DAY!!!

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