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Join Stephen Linsteadt, founder of Scalar Heart Connection® and author of Heart of the Hero, for an evening of profound healing.

Healing Circles with Scalar Heart Connection can help us see what has been holding us back from attaining the peace, health, love, self-love, and the divine connection we deserve.

What do you want to change: issues with relationship, sexual problems, problems with abundance, health, vitality, creativity, or just wanting a deeper connection to your purpose?

Please note that you are not required to share an issue or problem with the group. Deep healing can occur simply from being present in the healing field of others.

This is a powerful process that reveals and heals family wounds of love.

There is no prior experience required to participate in this healing circle.

8th March 2018 – Healing Circle
Time: 3.30 pm to 7.30 pm

Human beings have always known the fact that the little silent voice of the heart can transform all the stone like problems into free flowing water like solutions. But thanks to our mundane chores, we seldom find ourselves connected to this tiny little voice within. Do this mean that we should let the problems settle in our lives permanently? Of course not!

Scalar Heart Connection is a modality developed by Stephen Linsteadt which specialises in making one understand the voice of the Heart. We all deserve to live a happy, contented life and Scalar Heart Connection makes this possible for us. By simply understanding the Heart Matrix and the Quantum Codes, we can understand and decode our own journey of hardships and the lesson we need to learn from them.

The invitation is to –

Understand the science behind the Scalar Waves The Archetype pattern of the Quantum Codes in our life Learn how your heart show you the archetypal patterns that present themselves as obstacles to help us transform and grow. Uncover the limiting ancestral inheritance patterns from your parent’s parents; the ones that condition our negative beliefs and reactions.

Discover the Quantum Healing Codes™ and how their vibrations come together to support greater coherence within the resonance of what we want to create in our life.


9th & 10th March 2018 – Scalar Heart Connection Training
Time: 9.30 am to 6.30 pm

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