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Human beings have always had great interest in numbers and therefore Numerology is a science where this analysis is done to great lengths. The complexity of numbers fascinates us as they comprise of the complex nature of the Universe. Wherever you look, we are surrounded by numbers whether it is date, time, house number or office number, seasons and so on. Numerology deals with these elements of numbers.

One can say, Numerology is an occult science of numbers where you can learn in depth about the person’s behaviour, likes or dislikes, they forthcoming opportunities as well as road blocks, which number frequencies are favourable for them and which are not. The word Numerology comes from the Latin root “Numerus” which means number and the Greek word “Logos” which refers to word or thought. Hence, when combined together Numerology clearly defines that how each number whether a single number or a combination of numbers has thoughts and vibrations to it.

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