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Weekly Tarot Reading (24th Jan – 31st Jan, 2016)

Weekly Tarot Reading (24th Jan – 31st Jan, 2016)

New Karmic Astro Tarot

Here is a reading for how your finances will be for this upcoming week as per your sun signs:

Aries: – All your confusion as to from where will the money come in, release it. There are resources around you to fulfil all your financial needs and commitments.

Taurus: You have the understanding and intuition of what is right is for you & what isn’t. Move forward with your intuition to achieve success.

Gemini: – Be happy with what you’re having in this moment rather than focusing on what is not there. Be grateful for what you have in life and new prospects of abundance will open up for you.

Cancer: Let go off the past and the mistakes you made relating to financial matters. Look ahead in life to see the opportunities and new pathways for finances and success.

Leo: New opportunities are awaiting. All you need to do is build a solid foundation from the grass root level to move forward. Keep yourself grounded. This is the time of seeding new ideas and thoughts will grow into solid foundation stones for you.

Virgo: Finances will be good, avoid investing hastily. Be calm and patient. Time to take financial decisions with a cool mind rather than being emotional. Taking decisions in emotions will be regretted later.

Libra: Let go off what you’ve lost in the past. Look at what Universe has given you right now in your life. Time not to flow in the depressive emotions. Rather reflect on the opportunities coming your way. Then it will be a win-win situation.

Scorpio: Finances are in a very good shape. Stop the pessimistic thinking that there is lack of money. Rather be more grateful for all the abundance you have.

Sagittarius: Keep a balance between emotions and finances. Some hard decisions relating to finances will need to be taken. Hence, the more calmer you’re from within, the better will be the quality of your decisions.

Capricorn: You’re very creative and this creativity will help you to generate more opportunities of finances. So, keep exploring your creativity.

Aquarius: The time is most favourable for manifesting anything you wish in life. Hence, get into your manifesting mode but make honest and wise manifestations.

Pisces: Your hard work of the past is paying you very well. Now, is the time to reap the benefits of it. Time to enjoy these benefits the Universe is giving you.

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Song of Life

Have you ever noticed certain vibrations putting you into a trance like state? Or perhaps, some music notes making you feel completely relaxed. Each of us resonates to some or the other vibration and then suddenly there is light inside your heart.  This is where we feel at home. Before we were even conceived by our mother, there was a specific vibration on which our soul was vibrating. It is the same vibration one feels in that music at the soul level. Identifying this vibration can bring about transformational changes in your mind, body and spirit. It will uncover a lot of things you planned to do before taking birth. This vibration will re-unite and re-direct you to your soul purpose.

I once read an article on an African tribe where women who wish to conceive meditate under a tree for a couple of days until they get the song of that soul whom they will be birthing. Once she receives that song, she recites the same to the man who will be fathering the child and while making physical relations they recite that song. They consider this ritual to be a welcome for the soul to be conceived. This same song is given by the mother to the ladies going to be helping her deliver the child and these ladies sing it during delivery. This makes the delivery very easy and the child feels welcomed and happy. Even once the child grows and falls ill, the same song is used to revitalise his core energy. It is also believed that once this child grows up and commits any crime or does any wrong doing, instead of punishing him/her, people form a circle around him and sing the same song. This makes the person realize his mistake and brings in a huge transformation. Even on his last journey in the current lifetime the same song is sung for his easy cross-over.

I feel this is definitely true as certain vibrations do bring in a huge transformation in our thoughts instantly. All we need to do right now is – identify our vibration, identify the song of our soul, our life. You need to turn inwards for this beautiful re-union with your soul and its purpose.

Happy Discovery!!!

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