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Victims belong to the system too

Issue: Maria, 29 was diagnosed with Stage 3 Stomach Cancer. She went in for a routine checkup for her employment and this was diagnosed.
According to the family medical history, there was no one in the family of both the parents being diagnosed with cancer, so it was
although more difficult to understand. She was on chemotherapy was five months, but there was no change at all in her condition. In fact,
she was only deteriorating with each passing day. Maria’s brother’s wife – Heena has heard about Family Constellations and hence come in
to us with this issue.

Resolution: Representatives were selected for Maria and her cancer. The moment the representative of cancer looked at Maria, there was a
huge rage in his eyes. He said, “They are all responsible for making my family suffer.” On probing further, it came out that it was a
Portuguese soldier who died in Goa at the hands of the grandfather. Maria’s family was from Goa and they had seen the entire Independence
struggle by the Portuguese.

Maria’s grandfather was alive and was concerned with the grand-daughter’s medical condition. On calling him up, Henna found
that he did kill a Portuguese soldier who was actually trying to protect their family. This soldier was trying to help the grandfather
and grandmother to deliver their child safely at home, i.e. Maria’s father. Even though initially, the grandfather was hesitant to trust
him, still he accepted his help. The suspicion was still on his mind and on hearing some chaos near his house, he thought the soldier had
informed the Portuguese about their hideout. Hence, when the soldier came in, the grandfather killed him.

Back in the field, the soldier was not acknowledged for the help he was offering, neither did the grandfather accept his mistake and gave
that guilt a place in his heart. Hence, a representative for the grandfather, grandmother and Maria’s father were selected. They all
were made to acknowledge the soldier’s sacrifice, help as well as the rage he had for losing his family and their sufferings. This
immediately brought about a change in the field as there was much peace and love flowing now. Maria’s representative suddenly started
looking brighter as opposed to looking sad and in grief while in the beginning of the session.

Of course, it took two more sessions to do some more therapeutic resolutions in the family field and family consciousness for this
issue. But after two months, Heena informed that Maria was now showing improvement and her reports are getting better.

Learning from the case: Acknowledgment of the guilt we have in our heart for anything is also necessary. Even the victims need their due
place in the system. Hence, acknowledging the victims and giving them a place of respect and honor in the system can bring about miraculous healing movements in the family’s field.

Importance of 1st July 2016

Importance of 1st July 2016

Importance of today’s date 1st July, 2016

Numerology Compound number 17

Numerology Compound number 17

Today’s date has great significance as the compound number after totalling the date is 17. According to the science of Numerology, this number has the root of number ‘8’ which denotes ambition, money and power. Individually number 1 brings along creative energies and number 7 brings with itself intellectual and mystical vibrations. So go ahead and manifest whatever you like today for your career. Meditating on oneness of the Universe and yourself aligned to this oneness will help you bring your manifestations into reality.

Wishing u all a very Happy Day!!!

Do we see our rejected parents in our partners?

Do we see our rejected parents in our partners?

Family Constellation

Do we see our rejected parents in our partners?

Have you ever noticed that the behavior which annoys you the most about your partner is actually a reflection of one of your parent? And to be more specific, it is the reflection of that parent whom we reject from within. May be on the face of it, on a superficial basis it looks like you love that parent, but deep inside on a subconscious level, you are actually resenting or rejecting that parent. Now, the question is why and how does a child accept one parent blindly with inheriting all their beliefs and emotions as well as behavioral traits, whereas one parent is rejected and resented deep within? What is it within us which makes us reject our parents?

There are numerous reasons for this situation to occur. For example, a wife is rejecting her husband will have one of her children rejecting her as a compensation for the other parent. Other reason could be when the lineage of the particular sex rejecting the opposite sex. For example, I once had a case where the man rejected his mother and then his wife and lately his daughter also. When the constellation was done for this, it came out that in the 8th generation, there was a lady who tricked a man of the family into ill-addictions which destroyed the family totally. From there on, a belief was built that women betray. Once this was released, he could actually feel that all the anger he had over the years towards the female sex was not actually his own anger. This is how we reject our parents.

Now, coming back to our partners, if we reject one of our parents, then we are likely to look for partners who replicate the rejected parent completely. Hence, to find some peace in the relationship first look out for the rejected parent qualities and work on them to settle all the unfinished business with them. By doing so, either your relationship will see a shift or if this was the only reason of the relationship and it is now served, then either you will move out of the relationship or it will move into a different dimension altogether.

So, the next time you are angry on your partner, check out whether he/she is replicating the rejected parent’s behavior or there is some unfinished business you need to complete with them. This will surely bring in new awareness in your space.

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